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Energy Sessions

I am here to help facilitate your healing, so you get to chose your own adventure! My most popular service is the Energy Healing Session. It comes in 30, 60, and 90 increments to best suit your needs! I offer Doula sessions for those coming into this physical world or departing it. And, for those looking to conceive I offer a unique Conception Package for you and your partner! Please visit my sessions page for full descriptions of each of my services offered.

Did you know that stress can prevent healing, and even cause disease? The source of this stress can be chemical, physical, or emotional. Reiki and Energy Healing can help you learn the tools and techniques that can reduce stress in your life. This can help you reduce the effects of, or even cure, most diseases, chronic conditions, and injuries. I have personally had great success with reducing the effects of depression, anxiety, PTSD, gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune disorders, obesity, asthma, abnormal thyroid levels, and fatigue. All of these can be seen as imbalances in your energy system caused by factors from this lifetime or karma from another.

Each session with a client is a unique experience. I follow my guidance and intuition to use any and all skills in my toolbox to deliver the most customized healing session possible. For my Energy Healing Sessions, I allow whatever comes up in the moment to present itself. I am a firm believer that you will heal with whatever you are drawn to the most and are intrigued by. Visit my FAQ page to learn more about the various modalities I use.

Results from a healing session can vary from person to person. I have seen dramatic change in a single session, but I have also seen people that are “stubborn” and enjoy hanging out with me over and over again. In general, young children change and heal the quickest, sometimes in as little as a few minutes. People with chronic conditions it may take several sessions up to a few weeks apart, but could happen spontaneously. Immediately following a session you may experience anything on the spectrum from fatigued and needing a nap, to hot/cold or tingling, to bouncing off the walls and feeling “I’m Amazing!” Are you ready to be “Amazing”? What if you were “Amazing” all the time?

"Crystal has been a guiding light for me this past year. She is both knowledgeable and attentive, and has a healing hand.”

Adam K. * Las Vegas, NV

About Crystal

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About Crystal


I was introduced to energy healing at a very young age. My first spiritual mentor was my father. He taught me how to channel love and light from the universe through my hands and send it to where it was needed mentally, physically, and spiritually. The modality was Quantum-Touch and Natural Force healing. Since then, on my own spiritual journey and evolution, I have had many mentors and discovered many modalities. Some of my most impactful spiritual teachers were Marie Manuchehri, Satyen Raja, and Dr. Dave Merrill. They have shared with me Reiki, Divine Energy Medicine, transcendental meditation, Radiance, and Subtle Body Energy.

When I received my Reiki Master Certificate in 2018, my life changed. Reiki taught me to access the infinite energy supply which became my personal battery recharger. Then Subtle Body Energy connected all of the dots. All of the spiritual classes, books, meditation, mentors, body work, nutrition, and exercise I had up to that point came together. It was a great opening, not only spiritually, but also physically and mentally. I could actually feel my DNA changing. My perception of time and space became different, as I finally understood what it meant to raise my vibration. My whole world changed. I have healed the trauma from my current and past lifetimes. I have increased my awareness to the fifth dimension. I have expanded my heart to infinity. I am officially one of those “woo woo” ladies talking to “herself” at the grocery store. And I love it! I’m Amazing! And you are Amazing too!

This whole transformation allowed me to realize that everything is connected. My friends, my family, everyone I meet are part of my spiritual path, they are part of me. You are part of me. As I continue to expand, I realize that I am capable of helping others learn how to heal. I have had great success with it and it is my passion. It would be my honor to help you achieve that same success as my own evolution, to transform your DNA into a multi-sensory being, to reach the fourth and fifth dimension, to expand your heart to infinity.

"Crystal helped me through the toughest time of my life. Her spiritual guidance showed me what it was to be truly enlightened. The amount of love that continues to pour out of her heart is unmatched."

Adam C. * Shoreline, WA



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Ronald A.

Sultan, WA

“I’ve done both personal and remote sessions that have been incredibly accurate and effective. Using visualizations and exercises she prescribed in one of our sessions the pain in my foot vanished in minutes! For me a session with Crystal is beyond just healing. It’s an experience in love and light.”

Lindsay S.

Redmond, WA

“Without question, healing is Crystal’s calling. I am blessed and grateful that she has chosen to follow it. Each visit with her is a wonderful experience from beginning to end—she is caring, aware, and creates an inviting, safe space. 

Crystal’s energy is powerful, yet she harnesses it in a gentle way. After our reiki sessions, it seems all my senses sigh with relief, my anxiety floats away, and I leave vibrating higher. What’s more, she has given me the tools needed to navigate my own path towards a nourished body, mind and spirit. 

If you are open to receiving, do yourself a favor and book a session with Crystal.”

Robert M.

Seattle, WA

“Through my experience as a client of Crystal I have found myself benefiting from her focus on integrative healing and enlightenment. A dedicated practitioner, Crystal puts emphasis on sessions having meaningful progress toward achieving individual goals for healing body, mind, and spirit. Crystal’s intuitive gifts as a healer will touch anyone who is graced with the opportunity to work with her directly."