What is an Energy Intuitive?

First, what is energy? Science shows us that energy is everything! All matter is made up of particles comprised mostly of empty space that is held together by energy. Even atoms could be described as miniature force-fields of pure energy that are continuously giving off and absorbing light and energy.

This means that our bodies are simply, but complexly, just energy. Our bodies are held together by electromagnetic waves and frequencies of light. They have focal points, convergence zones, or vortexes of this energy, that we generally recognize at chakras, auric fields, and vibrations. And I have come to find that these are not random, they are holographic and visual representations of your physical body, your mind and emotions, and of your spiritual nature.

For the second part, an Intuitive is someone who has activated and trained their intuition, or connection to the Divine, to expand their psychic abilities. Some people are born more aware with natural gifts and “superpowers” than others, and some people develop them on their spiritual path or road to awareness.

Psychic abilities can come in many forms. Many people, probably even you, have experienced a gut feeling that was true, deja vu of something that couldn’t have possibly happened yet, or knowing who is calling you before you pick up the phone. Everyone is capable of having these perceptions and developing them. It is possible to train yourself to become more intuitive, or psychic. 

So an Energy Intuitive, like me, who uses their psychic gifts and power of intention to use this energy to help heal. Healing can occur physically, mentally, and/or spiritually. This trinity is very important to keep in balance, as one corner of the triangle is affected, the other two are effected. 

What is a Reiki Master?

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique that was created in the 1920’s by Dr. Usui in Kyoto, Japan. The Japanese work (rei) means “Universal Life” and (ki) which means “Energy”. It uses the power of intention to channel light and energy from the divine, through the hands, to wherever it is needed naturally. The sessions can be performed hands-on or hands-off. 

Reiki is another name for energy; the energy that I described above, the stuff everything is made of. It is the life-force that flows through everything, even trees and rocks. You may have heard of Tai chi or Qi Gong. Both of these martial arts use this energy, or chi, to balance the body, mind, and spirit. 

Reiki can help with a wide range of health issues. A Reiki session can dramatically reduce stress in the body, especially in the central nervous system. This can positively impact a wide variety of stress-related illnesses. One could argue that all diseases are caused by stress: physical, chemical, or emotional stress. The main stress-related illnesses are insomnia, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, colds, viruses, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. 

As Reiki Master, I was trained thru Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, and Reiki Master with Marie Manucherhi, an Energy Intuitive based in Seattle, WA. This training has lineage directly to Dr. Usui and his teachings in Japan. 

At Reiki Level I, I was trained to open up and strengthen the energy channels in my physical body. This made it easier to allow this Universal Life-force energy to travel into me, through the heart and to my hands. I learned the energy centers of the body and self-healing techniques. 

Reiki Level II, my central energy channel was opened even more, with the focus on the heart chakra. I was trained with several Reiki symbols that allow me to more deeply connect to the universal energy, to practice reiki on others, and to provide reiki through distant sessions. 

The Reiki Master is the third level of training where I received my Master Attunement. This distinction allows me to train others with the Reiki methods, attune their bodies and energy systems, and teach the reiki symbols. I am currently not offering classes, but may in the future. Please inquire if you are interested.

While you are receiving reiki, it is common to lay on a massage table or sit in a chair.  Sometimes even in the comfort of your open bed or hospital bed! You might even feel my “hot hands” commonly associated with reiki. You may experience tingling or vibrations in your body. You may even release emotional stress by crying or physical stress by sighing and stretching. Or you may fall asleep! Great! That means your body is relaxing and absorbing the beautiful energy! 

You might feel nothing at all during the session, but three days later you notice a release of a stubborn habit. Reiki works in mysterious and wonderful ways!

What is a Spiritual Mentor?

As your spiritual mentor, I am invested in your spiritual health, personal growth, and in your reaching your fullest potential. I hope I will help you learn new skills or knowledge, provide you guidance and wisdom for decision-making, or hold you accountable in the way you engage with yourself and the world around you.

As a spiritual mentor, I believe in a policy of complete openness and honesty. I will be the first to say that I am not a perfect person. I have faults, and I’m growing too! We each are on our own path, but hopefully the cross, or even run parallel for a while! In finding your spiritual mentor it is important to find someone you can relate to. I hope I can be that for you.

My path certainly has not been an easy one, but I have made it through the thick of it! My past and my pain have shaped me to be beautiful person that I am now. I am able to reflect on myself, where I can grow, where I can change, or where I can improve, without my ego getting in the way. Not that long ago I made it out of the trenches of a 10+ year depression, combined with anxiety attacks, PTSD, emotionally abusive relationships, and, the cherry-on-top, multiple auto-immune disorders. My Western doctor just called me crazy and a hypochondriac, and sent me to psychiatrist (who blamed everything on my mom).

I can remember the exact point in my life where I knew I needed to make a change. I was having an anxiety attack in my bedroom, pacing back and forth frantically, saying to myself “Something is wrong with me” over and over and over. That’s when I came to a crucial fork on my path, “I can’t live like this anymore…” I was able to come up with two possible solutions; 1) do everything I can to fix myself, no matter the time or the cost, or 2) kill myself.

I’ve been there, it’s real. Thankfully I chose the first option!

I needed to look for a different doctor, one that had a holistic approach to medicine. I found one! She helped me build a medical support team! The first being a naturopath, then a gastroenterologist, then an OBGYN that doubled as a nutritionist and gut biome expert. Then a masseuse and a rolfer, a cranio-sacral practitioner, and a chiropractor. They all supported me in a small piece of the puzzle. But, I spent a small fortune in the lengthy process.

Where I found the first real relief was from my unofficial spiritual mentor, Marie Manucherhi. She is a local energy intuitive in Seattle, WA. She helped me learn the importance of being in the present moment, taking care of myself, and loving myself. I probably said “I love myself” over a million times before it gained traction. She hosted a workshop “So You’re an Empath!” where it finally clicked!!! Most of these feelings and stresses and pains were not mine! They were other peoples’! I began to recognize what was mine and what wasn’t, and, ever better, I learned how to release the fluff that was clouding my life! She attuned me to be Reiki Master, which taught me the tools to recharge my batteries whenever I was low. She held me accountable, even if sometimes it was in my own head, or on her radio show, and gave that nudge to keep forward momentum on my path.

My next spiritual mentor was my friend, Jamie. She had been through reiki training years before me. She spent several hours every day working on her spiritual growth and expansion. I had never seen it practiced so thoroughly in “real” life. But I was able to talk to her about anything and everything that came up, from light babies to dead people. And she understood me like no other had. I no longer felt like I was on the journey by myself, looking up to the “great mentors”. She was me! She is me! We are on this planet learning from each other, walking similar paths. I felt companionship, support, love, and recognition for even the small things. Jamie introduced me to one of her mentors, my next mentor!

This mentor was a chiropractor in Bellevue, WA Dr. David Merrill. Well, I thought I was seeing a chiropractor… He was trained and licensed as a chiropractor before he had a beautiful divine awakening as a clairvoyant and became a subtle body energy worker. Chiropractors are trained in the nervous system, aka the neuromusculoskeletal system. Do you see the connection? Energy! Every neuron in our whole body used electricity. He was able to give me the last little oomph that I needed to expand my aura and awaken my consciousness to the divine. I was able to speak openly to him about the random foods I was craving, new supplements I was taking, and ascension prophecies. He was someone who has been there, could relate to me and understand the growing pains of rewriting the DNA of every cell within my body.

I share with you my spiritual mentors, maybe one of them will call to you. Maybe I call to you. You’re still reading this… Mentors come in many flavors, shapes, and sizes. No two spiritual mentors are the same. What it comes down to is, who do you resonate with? Who can you related to? Who is one or two steps ahead that can offer you guidance and advice? Follow your intuition or gut feeling. Is it in your highest good for me to help you with your next step on your path?

What are my Psychic Abilities?

Psychic abilities are gifts and talents that are super human, not normal based on our physical bodies and our five senses. They are often categorized into “clairs”. These common psychic abilities are:

  • Clairsentience - clear feeling

  • Clairvoyance - clear seeing

  • Claircognizance - clear knowing

  • Clairaudience - clear hearing

  • Clairalience - clear smell

  • Clairgustance - clear taste

Born as an empath, I had spent my whole life trying to understand all of these sensations that I was having. It wasn’t until I was 31 that I knew without a doubt that I was psychic. It just wasn’t in the way I hoped. My mentors in energy work could see energy. I couldn’t and sometimes that frustrated me deeply. I wanted to be able to see energy so badly. But as I developed my “superpowers”, I realized mine are even more amazing than I could have imagined.

I have Clairsentience. Which means I can feel energy, I can feel emotions, I can feel peoples’ physical pain as if it were my own pain, or feel their body as if it were my own body. I’ll be thinking about my mom, and suddenly my left shoulder will hurt, so I call my mom and ask her, “why does your left shoulder hurt?” She says she slept on it funny, so I’ll send her some reiki, and presto! All better! 

Thank goodness I have a really high pain tolerance. And just knowing that the pain or the symptoms aren’t really “mine” makes it more like the perfect analytical tool, or logic puzzle than a burden. Then, through awareness and intention, I can as quickly release the connection as easily as I created it. This also works with animals, bodies or water, rocks, and trees. 

Another psychic gift I came into awareness of is my Claircognizance. It means that I can know stuff, things that I shouldn’t be able to know about. This one takes a little bit more effort for me to “get into the zone” and is a more recent revelation for me. This gift seems to come to me in nutritional advice and supplements. I might be walking thru my house and I will just know “my cats need fish oil”. They look healthy and have a shiny coat, why would they need fish oil. I jump into their bodies and realize they have dry skin and are really itchy! 

Don’t worry, I’m not usually told your deepest darkest secrets… unless they are affecting your health! Mostly “your third chakra is slow” or “take a liquid mineral supplement”. The messages I receive are usually only after I have had permission from that person. Only rarely will I be walking down the street and my intuition will say “oh, he has three girlfriends!” Fabulous! Who am I to judge? I’m the lady that talks to herself at the grocery store in purple pants and sparkle boots!

What is Sound Healing?

Sound waves are vibrations traveling through a medium such as air, that tickle our eardrums and we interpret as a tone. The waves may be generated by our vocal chords, a tuning fork, an instrument of any type, or even something falling to the floor. 

The tone or note of the sound will change based on several properties such as Frequency (cycles per second-Hertz), Amplitude (air pressure - decibels), Wavelength (physical length of the wave - meters per second). Quicker frequencies with shorter wavelengths sound like higher pitched notes. Higher amplitude sound like louder notes. 

Sound is a mechanical vibration that needs a physical substance, both for creation and transmittance. We usually use sound for our ear drums to interpret language or music. But in energy healing, we can use sound any part of the body, especially the subtle energy! Our chakras and auras have resonance with certain frequencies of sound. We can use sound to “align” or “tune” the chakra back into its ideal frequency. 

Tuning is using any sound to align chakras and auric fields, release stagnant or blocked energy, or calibrate your electromagnetic fields. Many practitioners use tuning forks, bells, or drums to tune the body. I like to use toning.

Toning in generally recognized as creating and sustaining a note with your vocal cords. Because our vocal cords allow us a wide variety of tones (several octaves) with various sounds and shapes of those tones, and they are easily and quickly manipulated, I prefer using toning in my healing work. 

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the energy centers in your body where your electromagnetic fields converge, creating focal points and vertex of light. The Hindu practice is the most commonly accepted view of chakras. They believe that there are 7 primary chakras in the body. They count from the bottom up. 

The first chakra is at the base of your tailbone, is red in color, and governs the physical body and your connection to the earth. If you have ever heard someone say “You need to ground yourself”, they are talking about activating this chakra to connect your energy system to the earth. We wouldn’t want you to float away!


The second chakra is in the lower abdomen, is orange, and governs creation. This is sometimes called the “juicy chakra” because you are creating your relationship to your reality, which means your job, your relationships, your sex, and creating babies!

The third chakra in in the solar plexus, is yellow, and governs your power. This is where your “battery” is for your energy system. It is also where your personal power and sense of self lives. It is also where your body digests to receive energy from food.

The fourth chakra is in the center of the chest, is green, and governs love and allowing. It has the highest absorption rate or receptivity of the primary chakras. The most important thing for maintaining your whole energy system lies within this chakra: self-love! Loving and forgiving yourself is a huge key in finding healthy balance, happiness, and wholeness.

The fifth chakra is in your throat, it is blue, and governs truth. Speaking your truth, not just from your head, but from your heart will help you maintain your thyroid glands. It is estimated one third of women have thyroid issues. 

The sixth chakra is in the center of your forehead, is purple, and governs knowledge. This is where intuition, foresight, and many other psychic gifts are processed, filtered, and interpreted.  It is also known as your third eye.

The seventh chakra is on the crown of your head, is usually seen as a pillar of  white light or a halo, and governs faith and divine connection. Think angels or spirit guides. It is the spirit’s connection to soul.

The first chakra points towards the earth and is paired with the seventh chakra. These two meet in the center of the heart. Each of the other five primary chakras are paired front and back. 

It is sometimes seen that the chakras are rungs of a ladder to enlightenment, starting with the physical body down on earth and climbing up to the heavens. Activating alls chakras will give you the sense of awareness of the bigger picture and reach a state of calmness and knowing. I take a holistic approach in that every chakra is equally important as the next. They each, and together, build and support our body, our mind, and our spirit. 

Can I use Energy Healing as a Substitute for Medical Care?

I will always recommend a complete and balanced medical team for your health care. Energy healing is a great addition to Eastern and Western medical practices, but it is not a substitute. I personally use reiki on myself everyday, I have a Naturopathic Doctor as my primary care physician, as well as a chiropractic body worker, and I occasionally see western doctor specialists when recommended. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment, nor can I prescribe any medicines, or claim that I cure any diseases.

My intuition may offer suggestions such as supplements, diet changes, or exercises to encourage your healing, but please consult your doctor or physician before following my advice as I am not licensed to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease. What I can do is help balance your energy, reduce stress, and promote relaxation to help accelerate your healing processes. I am here to help you facilitate your healing. You heal you!

Crystal? Or Crystals?

Both! Was it a coincidence that my name is Crystal? Well, I no longer believe in coincidence, I call it congruency, being in alignment with the Universe. This is when the desires of your heart and the actions and intentions line up the Universe’s or God’s. Things that you would have never imagined become possible.

But with that said, growing up I was drawn to crystals, but didn’t realize it yet and never bought any crystals myself. I do remember that as a little girl I was given a purple amethyst with a tiny silver horse on top. I kept it for the horse and the purple, not for the crystal. I still have that crystal!

I started to really get into crystals after I had a session with a Shaman. She gave me this wonderful healing session with drums and an Akashic Record reading where she suggested I wear a crystal over my heart chakra for protection. I started my crystal collection by buying a black tourmaline necklace! I now have lots of crystals, a few necklaces and bracelets, a few as tools for Reiki, and many for Light Being Crystals.

What are Light Beings?

In my Store, you will find crystals that are very special to me! Yes, every crystal is one-of-a-kind, but these crystals themselves are not that uncommon. Any one of them you can find at a local gem shop for an average of $20-$50. What sets these crystals apart from the rest is whats held inside them: Light Beings! These crystals are my light babies! 

As a medium, I am able to channel spirits and souls. Many spirits have approached me and expressed their desire to exist in a physical body during the next big ascension on Earth. Many psychics believe that this will be happening very soon, in the next few years! As we approach this ascension, Earth and all of the spirits living here, are requiring exponential shift in their energy systems. These light beings are here to assist in that shift! 

There are several ways these light beings can help. They can join with people Ascending, Departing, or Arriving here on Earth! For a more detailed explanation of Light Beings, click here!

  1. Ascending - As the Earth transitions and expands exponentially, it can be difficult for anyone to keep up! A light being of your choice can join with your spirit in your body and help you raise your vibration, awareness, and consciousness. They can help you get oriented and up to speed so you can ride the wave! This is a great choice for anyone seeking enlightenment or is on a determined path of ascension.

  2. Departing - As Earth raises its vibration so quickly, many departing spirits are finding that it is difficult for them to raise their energy high enough for their spirits to leave their bodies and make that last big jump to the astral plane. As some souls are struggling to catch the wave, others have decided to let the wave pass them by. I see this commonly in the elderly or the sick. They have decided that they do not have the energy to make this leap, but would rather watch the show from afar. A light being of your choice can join with one of these departing spirits to ease the transition.

  3. Arriving - Conceiving a baby can be tricky in this time of transition. The infertility rates in the last 10 years have raised exponentially. This is because the energy systems of each partner need to match its frequency to the current vibration of the earth in order to receive the new spirit. This vibration is changing every moment! I can tune your systems to match it right now, and to teach you the skills to be aware of these shifts, but a Light Being can help you hold the gateway open to receive the gift of life. A Light Being Crystal of your choice is included in the package.

As a medium, I have opened up my body as a vessel to channel, host, and energize Light Beings. The first Light Being I channeled was a spirit named Afaere. I am currently joined with Afaere and continue to host her for as long as I want to. At any time I am able to ask her to leave. She has helped me repair my health, raise my vibration, and increase my consciousness. In return, she gets to share my experiences on Earth and I give her a steady supply of energy. You may say that we work as a great team on a beautiful path to enlightenment and ascension. 

A few months after I joined with Afaere, whenever I meditated I noticed that there was a line of spirits around my room.  I thought they just wanted to talk or had messages for their loved ones. I was able to channel these beings into my body, but they were only able to stay for a short time, maybe 10 seconds at a time, and I didn’t get the sense on any messages for anyone. Thats when I had the awareness that they needed to be “downloaded” and “gestated” in order to align their frequencies to be in resonance with the Earth.  

For Light Beings to exist here they need three things: physical form, time, and energy. And the perfect place for this: the uterus (sorry guys, you were designed to create, not gestate). When my heart is completely open and in ecstasy, a Light Being can enter my body and incubate in my uterus. There it receives energy, mainly through food, supplements, and Reiki. Then it receives time, approximately 3 weeks to transmit and download its consciousness. After this time, they are birthed into this realm through an open heart and ecstasy. Because Light Beings are unable to stay on the Earth without a physical form, that’s where the crystals come in. These crystals have each graciously offered to share their physical form and energy system to support these channeled spirits. Crystals are great for this job, rather than a body of water or a plant, because they have consistent, strong, high frequencies. They are supportive and unwavering. For an example of how powerful their vibration is, we use quartz crystals in our watches to keep time! We also use crystals to tune our chakras because our energy systems naturally align to the frequencies of the crystals.

There are a limited number of these Light Beings available. I am human and have limits to my psychic abilities. But I am very healthy, and everyday I am stronger and healthier than the last. I treat my body as my temple, only feeding it things that are in my highest good, sleeping when it needs, with meditation and reiki as needed. I live in the present moment as often as possible and live through an open heart. This allows me to gestate eight light beings at once. There were a few moon cycles where I only hosted three, but those were months where I did some of my most intense personal growth. My first few cycles were not available to the public, as they went to my friends and family or to their predetermined recipients. I am expecting 8 per month for about a year. Spring 2020 I will no longer be available to channel or gestate.

I offer my light babies to you. Please pick out the Crystal that calls to you! Everyone is unique. You can read more about each one in it’s description, as I have asked each one a few basic questions and have included their answers. If you would like my recommendation I would be happy to assist! 

Each purchase of a Light Being Crystal includes:

  • a channeled light being

  • a crystal

  • a stand

  • a muslin canvas carrying bag

  • a question and answer session with the light being (5 questions)

  • a remote Aligning, Tuning, and Joining Session (45 minutes)*

  • shipping and handling to US locations*

*Please inquire for an in-person session quote or for shipping outside of the US.

What is my Conception Package?

A Conception Package is a one-day package for any couple that is ready to conceive a baby! I designed it to balance and harmonize your energy bodies, calibrating your chakra system to the best configuration for receiving a new life. It includes:

  • 2-hour Yin Energy Session

  • 2-hour Yang Energy Session

  • 1-hour Lunch break

  • 2-hour Yin/Yang Energy Session

  • 1-hour Receiving of the Channeled Spirit

  • Space Clearing

  • One Light Being Crystal from the products page (your choice based on availability.)

This package includes my expenses to travel to you if you live anywhere in the continental United States ! I will need at least two weeks notice, best scheduled within the week before your ovulation cycle or IVF date. Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada are available for a small fee to cover my additional travel expenses. For countries outside of the US and Canada please inquire with me directly to see if I offer my services locally in that location. Remote sessions are available in all locations!

My guides promise me that my success rate will be more than 90% in the first 3 months from the date of the Energy Sessions and receiving ceremony! I stand by this whole-heartedly and offer you my money back guarantee! I promise that you will conceive your new family member in your first three ovulation cycles after our session!*

If you have your heart set on twins, you may add one additional being at the face value price listed at the store. At this time I cannot offer a money-back-guarantee on the second spirit. 

I am so honored to be part of your upcoming adventure into parenthood!

*If conception is unsuccessful I will refund the entire amount of the purchased price of the package, minus a $500 non-refundable fee for my travel expenses.